Translation Services

Docsbase Int. - our Language Solutions and Localisation Company specialises in Sworn, Notarised and Certified Translations, along with the preparation and legalisation of documents.


At Docsbase we have been providing quality translation services for private and corporate clients for over a decade. We do appreciate that translation is often only a part of the process and we take care of our clients’ needs and requirements via our sister companies specialising in visa services, legalisation, and worldwide delivery.

We are a team of professionals you can trust! We work in compliance and accordance with the formatting, presentation, legal language, and certification requirements set by the competent authorities.


Document legalisation (for a legal or immigration case or a visa application process, for example) can be lengthy and expensive. A properly certified translation can therefore save you a lot of time and money. But this will only happen if the translation and corresponding certification has been done professionally and according to the requirements of the relevant Embassy or Government organisation.

Please remember that certified translation alone may often be insufficient. Please make sure to provide the translation agency with the exact requirements and full details to ensure that your documents have been correctly translated and certified.


A common rule applies in most countries – local authorities accept only the documents in the official language of their country. This means you would in most cases be required to obtain an official translation and certification or legalisation of your documents.

You have a couple of options in this case:

  1. You can translate the document beforehand and have it legalised along with the original in the country of origin.
  2. We or any of our partner companies in the destination country can translate and certify the document for you. In this case, as the certification is performed in the destination country, foreign legalisation is no longer required (although the original must still be submitted). This is usually a cheaper option.

Thanks to our experience in document legalisation, we have developed a simplified method to identify our customers’ needs and recommend the following steps:

Please send us a scan or a clear image of the document(s) and please outline the purpose of the translation and certification (what will the document be used for?). If you have a smartphone, download a scanning app or use the camera to take a photo. Once we receive the document we can quickly revert to you with a quote and suggest how to move forward.

We will then review the type of legalisation required and can recommend the following solutions depending on your needs:

  • translation, notarisation, legalisation of the document by the embassy of the country that has issued the document; or
  • legalisation by apostille which must be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that has issued the document.

As we and our partner companies have offices in various countries around the world, we will be happy to provide the fastest and cheapest solution in your individual case.


Over the years, we in Docsbase have gained significant experience in the legalisation of all types of documents for use around the world. We have thus successfully simplified and improved the procedure for processing and completing translation and certification orders. You can place your order following the five steps below:


Step 1Document review and approval for legalisation eligibilityThere are special rules for document completion regarding legalisation and not all documents can be legalised. Therefore, to approve legalisation eligibility, we need to see the document.

Please send the document to us by fax or e-mail, or bring in a physical copy to our office for a review.

*Please note that although all Docsbase employees have full knowledge about the specifics of document completion, in some cases state authorities may have to be consulted. Should this be required, we shall immediately inform you about the results.

Step 2Document transfer to the translation agency Docsbase Int.After the legalisation eligibility approval, a project manager will contact you to arrange for the document(s) to be sent or brought to us.
Step 3


Document translation and notary certification of the translationThere are two ways to certify a translation: by means of a sworn statement, stamped and signed by the translation agency; or by means of an independent verification by a notary public who will then notarise the document.
Step 4


Document legalisationDocument is transferred to the appropriate state authorities for legalisation.
Step 5


Review of the legalised document with the clientAs soon as the procedure has been completed and the legalised document has been received by Docsbase, a project manager will contact you to arrange for the legalised document to be returned.

* It may in certain cases be required to send the document to the state authorities to determine a possibility for legalisation. Such cases are however rare and do not usually take more than 2-3 working days. After the review, the state authority either confirms that the document may be legalised or suggests changes to be made in order to have the document legalised. Legalisation may in some cases be denied, but grounds for such a decision are usually clearly stated.


We always look ahead and strive to offer our clients the most innovative solutions. A digital certification is one of the latest additions to our list of services. It is fast, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

A digital certification is a paperless certification, which can be notarised and apostilled. It is a much cheaper and faster solution, which completely does away with the need to have your certified translation collected from our office or posted. You will receive your translated and certified document in PDF format and it will have the same validity as the actual paper copy.

A digitally certified document bears a digital signature, which can be verified online. Either by you or the authority or institution, you are submitting the document to. This significantly improves the completion and the turnaround time of your translation order.