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It is a more complicated procedure when document certification is required by Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a State or in a consular office of the respective country. Consular legalization makes your document valid only in the territory of the state which issued the apostille.

Also, the required legalisation procedure can differ based on document type because there are a number of documents that are subject to neither consular legalization nor Apostille legalisation. Mostly, these are commercial documents: contracts, invoices, bills of lading, and various product action documents and other documents connected with outward trade activities. For these, there is a separate procedure: the legalisation of documents in the Trade and Commerce Chamber and then in a consular office of the respective country.


Legislation and paperwork of each country has its own peculiarities, therefore documents issued by state bodies, for example, in Russia, have legal force only in the territory of the Russian Federation and are not recognised in the territory of another country (for example, Ireland). To solve this problem, there is a procedure for legalisation of documents, which in this case confirms their compliance with Russian law, certifies authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the document, as well as the seal of the state body, thus giving Russian documents legal force in Ireland.

Apostille of documents is a method accepted in international law to legalise documents issued in one state for their legal use in another state. The international legal act regulating legalisation of personal documents with the apostille is the Hague Convention, concluded on 5 May 1961 in The Hague.

Apostille certification is a double certification of a document: first, by the signature and seal of a government official (notary, solicitor, company registrar, etc.), and then by the signature of a higher authority, familiar with the signature of the official.

If you are looking for a reliable company that provides apostille services, our Dublin based specialists will help you prepare any documents for legalisation in Ireland giving qualified assistance on any issue at any level of complexity accurately adhering to all the requirements.


Legalisation of a document is the implementation of a certain number of formal procedures in order to make a document legal in the territory of another state. The ultimate goal of the document legalisation procedure issued on the territory of one State is to successfully submit it to the authorities of another State.

Document legalization is almost always required when a document needs to be submitted to the authorities of another State. This means that a document issued, for example, in Ireland, is legal only in the territory of Ireland, where it can be fully used. However, for its submission to the authorities of another country legalisation will be required.

The exceptions to this rule are certain types of documents that cannot be legalised, as well as in certain countries which have a bilateral agreement that abolishes the requirement of legalisation.

Legalization of a document is always carried out in the country in which it was issued and / or completed. Our translation agency Docsbase.com provides legalisation services for documents issued and/or executed worldwide.


Our Dublin-based company aims to simplify any procedure for our customers, thus saving valuable time and money. For the convenience of our customers, you can make an apostille order in several ways by choosing the most suitable.

Send or bring the original documents and tell us how urgently you need to legalise them. Receive the document with an apostille at your chosen time and in a place convenient for you – if you live in Dublin, you can pick up documents at our office, alternatively, if you live in other regions of Ireland or abroad – we will send documents by any delivery service in Ireland or the world.


Timing varies depending on the type of legalised document, but the maximum period, as a rule, does not exceed 30 business days.

The price of an apostille in Ireland depends on the ministry that affixes it. And also, importantly, it depends on the urgency. If you need an apostille urgently on any document, then you should know that our company can provide services for legalisation in 2 hours for a diploma or certificate, 4 hours for a birth certificate or notarial document and throughout the day for any other document! Therefore, when your deadlines are on, just contact us and we will assist you in the shortest possible time. Our specialists can give you more detailed information about the services provided and the timing of their implementation.

Our company offers individual solutions to legal issues taking into account all the needs of our customers and basing on a combination of international business practices and knowledge of the specifics of the Irish legal space.


Our Dublin based company offers our clients not only fast legalisation, but also high-quality translation of documents, which greatly speeds up the process of preparing the entire package of documents.

We offer affordable prices for apostille, translations and notarisation.

The price varies depending on the type of document, its state and urgency.

Payment for services is also carried out in the manner most convenient for our customers

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Pay for your order at the office or online: we offer several convenient payment methods.

At the specified time, documents with an apostille will be waiting for you at the office. You can also order delivery.


You can bring documents for the apostille, specify the time when you need to receive the apostille and decide where to get the apostille for the documents, either at our office or we will send you the documents with the delivery service!


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