Apostille for Belgium

Apostille Legalisation of Irish and UK documents for use in Belgium and authentication of Belgium documents for use abroad

How to get an Apostille on Irish and UK documents for use in Belgium?

Docsbase Consular Services with office in Dublin Ireland and London UK is specialising in legalisation of all types of  commercial, vital, government documents from Ireland and the UK for an official use in Belgium. We can arrange reissuance of documents in the UK and Ireland, notarisation and apostille legalisation of Irish and UK documents as well as the Embassy legalisation in London and Dublin. We are familiar with the requirements of Belgium authorities and can prepare your documents in a way that they will be accepted by the Belgium authorities without any further legalisation. Docsbase Translation is our in-house translation department specialising in preparing certified translation of English documents into German, French, and Dutch appropriately certified for use in Belgium. We also have reliable partners in Brussel that can provide legalisation of Belgium documents for use abroad, in particular in Republic of Ireland and the UK.


At Docsbase consular services, we offer reliable and fast Apostille and consular legalisation services for Belgian documents for use abroad whether for business or personal purposes. Below, you will find information on how we can help you get your documents from Belgium apostilled or legalised for use abroad. Our growing network facilitates the legalisation of documents for people in countries around the world. Moreover, it means we can provide a fast and reliable service at a competitive price at all times.


 An Apostille of the Hague consists of a stamp proving that a document obtained in one country is truthful and therefore it must be accepted in another country as being valid. However, the country of destination must be signed up to The Hague Convention. On 9th February 1973 Belgium joined The Hague Apostille Convention. As such, documents from Belgium which are going to be used abroad must be stamped with an apostille by Belgium’s “Competent Authority”. The designated authority in Belgium is the Ministère des Affaires étrangères, du Commerce extérieur et de la Coopération au Développement. In most cases, once a Belgium document is stamped with an apostille, it isn’t necessary for it to be authenticated or legalised at the embassy or consulate of the destination country. However, this only applies if the Belgium documents are going to be used in a country that’s part of the Hague Convention. There are over a hundred countries that are now party to the Apostille Convention which includes most of the EU countries.


 The type of documents from Belgium that can be apostilled includes the following:

–  Marriage certificates

–  Birth certificates

–  Divorce papers

–  Death certificates

–  Notarial documents

–  Academic diplomas

–  University degrees

–  Education certifications

–  Notarised copies of documents

–  Certified/notarised translations- certifiedtranslations.ie

–  Notarised last wills and testaments, authorisations, declarations

–  Residency or citizenship applications

–  Documents issued by authorities or public officials can also be apostilled which includes the following:

–  Certifications of business registers

–  Court orders/rulings/judgements

–  Tax records/registrations

However, administrative documents linked to commercial activities or those which are issued by consular agents cannot be apostilled. You may need to have documents from Belgium apostilled for use in another country for a number of reasons whether for educational or business purposes. You may need to have your documents authenticated because you intend on getting married in the country of destination, or you may need them authenticated for legal proceedings. Whatever reason you need the documents apostilled, we can help make the process much easier from the outset.


Consular legalisation of Belgian documents is necessary when the country of destination has not acceded to The Hague Convention. The process is very similar to that linked to apostille. Furthermore, the validity of Consular legalisation is exactly the same as that of an apostille stamp. To clarify, when the country of destination is not party to the Hague Convention, you must have your documents from Belgium legalised by the Embassy or Consular of the relevant country of destination. A second layer of authentication is applied to the documents so that it can be used whether for personal, business, or legal purposes. Consular legalisation of documents from Belgium can be a long drawn out process and one that must be carried out in person. Moreover, there are application forms to complete and fees to pay which often involved cash payments. Thanks to our large network, we can facilitate the process. We can have your Belgium documents legalised for use abroad in a timely fashion.


Whether you need documents from Belgium certified for use abroad for business, personal use or for legal reasons , we can help. The services we provide include:

–  Notarised translation services

–  Visa applications

–  Apostille – MOFA legislation

–  Notarial services

–  Embassy and Consular legalisations

We offer a fast, reliable and trustworthy service to private, corporate, and business clients. Furthermore, we have in-house visa and translations departments and therefore have the expertise to handle all types of applications.


When you need to have your documents from Belgium certified, apostilled, notarised, or legalised, we are here to help make the process as stress-free as possible. We take all the hard work out of legalising documents for use abroad. Using our services provides you with many advantages which includes:

–  Our expertise and knowledge base facilitates a speedier process from the outset which can be 40% faster than other providers

–  We constantly update our database of country requirements

–  We only use approved certification providers because we know how important it is to partner with recognised providers

–  We have offices in major cities around the world

–  We have approved agents in the majority of jurisdictions

–  Our prices are competitive which means you not only save time but money as well

Find out how we can help you get your documents from Belgium legalised or apostilled for use abroad, please get in touch.