Apostille for Finland

Apostille Legalisation of Irish and UK document for use in Finland and authentication of Finland documents for use abroad

How to get an Apostille on Irish and UK documents for use in Finland?

Docsbase Consular Services with offices in Dublin Ireland and London UK is specialising in legalisation of all types of commercial, vital, government documents from Ireland and the UK for an official use in Finland. We can arrange reissuance of documents in the UK and Ireland, notarisation and apostille legalisation of Irish and UK documents as well as the Embassy legalisation in London and Dublin. We are familiar with the requirements of Finland authorities and can prepare your documents in a way that they will be accepted by the Finland authorities without any further legalisation. Docsbase Translation is our in-house translation department specialising in preparing a certified translation of English documents into Finnish and Swedish appropriately certified for use in Finland. We also have reliable partners in Helsinki that can provide legalisation of Finland documents for use abroad, in particular in the Republic of Ireland and the UK.


DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services provides expert services for Apostille legalisation for documents issued in Finland that are intended for use abroad. This Apostille certificate replaces the need for further legalisation of the document as long as the document is intended for use in one for the states which are party to the 1961 Hague Convention. The  Apostille certification is generally affixed on the back of the document being legalised, and includes the seal and stamp of the issuing country as well as a reference number. The Apostille is an official government-issued certificate affixed to documents so they will be legally recognised when presented in another country. The Apostille Certificate is generally issued by the state from which the document originates although in some cases another state can issue the Apostille. When a  document has an Apostille certificate attached to it, endorsing the authenticity of the seals and signatures on it,  it can be submitted in any country which is a party to the 1961 Hague Convention. The authority receiving the document is then able to accept the document as authentic without requiring further evidence or proof.


 The Apostille certification of Finnish documents is issued by the Local Register Offices. In 1985 Finland designated all Public Notaries at Local Register Offices as the Competent Authorities to issue Apostille legalisation. The Apostille certificate which is provided by the Public Notaries at the Local Registry Offices verifies the signature of the document, as well as the capacity of the document signatory and the seal or stamp attached to the document. The Apostille does not verify any of the contents of the document. The Public Notaries can Apostille authenticate all documents issued by Finnish authorities or comparable entities (including doctors, certified translators, etc). If a private document requires Apostille certification, the Notary Public must first certify the competence of the signatory and the authenticity of the document, before proceeding to Apostille legalisation. DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services can also provide the same service for customers who have documents issued in the UK and the Republic of Ireland as well as other countries, and who require them for official use in Finland. In this case, DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services will arrange for the document to be sent for Apostille certification to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, or to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin, depending on the origin of the document. In case your document was issued in another country our local representative will legalised it according to the requirements in that particular country.


 The list of documents requiring Apostille legalisation is long, however, some of the more common documents are listed below. DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services has extensive experience in arranging Apostille legalisation and is available to answer any questions you might have.

–  Wills, final testaments

–  Property deeds

–  Civil status documents

–  Divorce settlements

–  Academic and education qualifications from Finnish universities

–  Court judgments

–  Police reports

–  Annual company accounts

–  Certificates of Incorporation

–  Residency certificates

–  Tax documents

DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services offer a one-stop service for all Apostille and legalisation requirements for Finland, from arranging for your documents to be collected, processing them through all required steps, and promptly return them to you. Our highly trained professionals ensure that full confidentiality of your documents is maintained throughout the process, and are always available to answer any queries you may have during the Apostille legalisation process.