Legalisation from Qatar

Consular Legalisation of Vietnamese documents for use abroad

Here at Docsbase Consular Services, we’re proud to be leading the way as a top UK and Ireland translation and apostille global legalisation business for Qatar documents for both private clients and businesses. We offer highly convenient and innovative solutions to meet all of your document legalisation and consular services requirements.

Not only do we work with both corporate and private clients, but we also have our own team of lawyers and solicitors available who can legalise and certify documents on your behalf and who provide the highest level of service for clients all over the world.

We’re specialists in all aspects of embassy and consular corporate and private documentation, Apostille legalisation and authentication, and as we’re proud to be experts in this area, you can be confident we understand the essential requirements needed to properly deal with Qatar-issued documents for use overseas as well as international documents intended for use in Qatar.

We’re able to deal with the whole process on your behalf so you can guarantee that no essential documents or stamps will be missing.

What Does The Term Apostille Mean? Is Apostille And Consular Legalisation In Qatar Different From That In Other Countries?

 An Apostille is a certificate which is issued from the government of one country and added onto existing documents to enable them to be officially recognised if presented to an overseas authority. If a piece of documentation has an Apostille attached to it, its seals and signatures have been confirmed as authentic.

Therefore, the document in question can be used in any country recognising the Apostille, and it will be accepted as valid with no requirements for any further proof or evidence to be supplied.

Documentation from Ireland and the UK intended to be used in Qatar must not only have an Apostille attached, but they must also have an extra layer of legalisation from the Qatar embassy. Both corporate and personal documentation must be attested by the Qatar embassy in order to be accepted as valid in Qatar.

It’s also important to note that educational documents require further documentation to be supplied in order for them to be legalised for use in Qatar. Not only must the educational certificate be presented for legalisation, but a transcript and cover letter from the educational institution must also be supplied.

Which Documents Need To Be Apostilled And Legalised For Use In Qatar?

 Various documents are apostilled and legalised in order to be used in Qatar. They include vital civil records such as marriage, birth, death and divorce certificates, legal proceeding documentation, and official business records.

Documents that can be apostilled and legalised for use in Qatar include:

  • Marriage, divorce, death, and birth certificates
  • Criminal record details
  • Medical reports
  • Powers of attorney
  • Education and degree certificates
  • Commercial register extracts
  • Court decisions
  • Notarised document copies and translations
  • Business records including tax registrations

Are There Differences Between Consular Legalisation Of Documents And The Apostille?

Legalisation and Apostille are two terms that have similar meanings but which mean different things. Both terms refer to document legalisation in order to allow documentation from one country to be recognised in another, but there are two different processes involved.

The Apostille is added to documentation that has been issued on one country which is a member of the Apostille Convention in order for it to be recognised as official in the other countries that are members.

Document legalisation, on the other hand, is required to certify a document as genuine in a country that isn’t an Apostille Convention member. Typically, consular or embassy legalisation is needed for a document that has already been apostilled but that is required for presented in a non-member nation, for example, Qatar.

Qatar demands that documentation be submitted to local consulates or embassies so that an extra level of legalisation can be provided on top of the preliminary certification in order to verify it as true and valid. The process is a complex one and has to be performed in-person, so professional agents are often required.

Which Kind Of Legalisations Do We Carry Out For Qatar?

 We offer many certification and legalisation services for Qatar and other countries:

  • Legalisations of certified translations – local authorities will usually only accept documentation in their own official language. We have an in-house translation company,, which can provide you with official legalisations, certifications and translations of documents.
  • Visa Work – is our in-house visa service company that can legalise documentation for use in the visa application process.
  • Notarial Work – we have an in-house team of notaries who can certify true copies and provide signature verifications.
  • Apostille (MOFA legalisations) for documents for presentation to the authorities in another Apostille Convention country.
  • Consular legalisations for documents that will be presented to the authorities in a country from outside the Apostille Convention including Qatar.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Agents When Legalising Documentation?

Using Docsbase Consular Services as your agents when legalising documentation for use overseas brings a host of benefits including:

  • Access to expert services – our team is extremely experienced in this industry and is up-to-date with recent pricing and requirement changes so nothing will be overlooked.
  • Peace of mind – the providers of supporting certification we use are highly reliable so you can be guaranteed that your documents will be accepted.
  • Affordable prices – our processing fees are low to save you money.
  • Convenient location – our offices can be found in convenient locations including Dubai, London, Washington, and Zurich.
  • Short completion times – we’ve been proven to complete orders 40% faster than our rivals since we’re approved agents and waste no time on setting up MOFA and embassy accounts, carrying out research, and arranging overseas couriers.

Docsbase Consular Services is your number one choice for Apostille and document legalisation services for Qatar and other countries, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.