Our Company can provide certification, preparation and reissue of all types of documents. We work closely with Notaries, Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths along with Certified Translators around the world


Certification is a major part of the translation process. It is that single step that makes your translated document valid in the eyes of the authorities you are submitting it to.

At Docsbase we provide certification, preparation, and reissue of all types of documents. We work closely with notaries public, solicitors and commissioners for oaths and with certified translators based around the world.


There are various types of certification:

  • True copy is a certification of the original document by a professional person, usually notary public or solicitor and this is the most common and most frequently requested type of certification.
  • Verification of online documents is slightly trickier. In this case a notary public or a solicitor does not certify an original document (because duplicate originals cannot be issued anymore, for example), but certifies instead an online copy by means of contacting the issuing authority to establish authenticity of the copy.
  • Verification of signature is also done by a notary public or a solicitor. The main difference is that you, our client, have to meet the notary public or the solicitor in our office in person. In this case you would need to bring your ID and a proof of address for the notary public to verify your signature (power of attorney, letter of consent, etc.).
  • Digital certification is a completely new, time- and cost-efficient type of certification. You would not need to go anywhere or post anything. A digital certification is done online and bears an electronic signature and a QR code. We offer digital certification for translations as well as documents for Apostille.

On behalf and request of our clients, we can also reissue or issue documents, such as criminal record certificates, educational documents, business and commercial documents, or extracts, including from the Chamber of Commerce or the CRO, tax and bank documents, etc. We can subsequently certify them using any of the types of certification outlined above.


Notary public services in Europe and the USA differ. In the United States, for example, notary public certification can be obtained in a bank and is relatively inexpensive. In Switzerland, a notary public can certify most documents, while in the United Kingdom notary public fees are high and the choice is very limited. We have in-house notaries public in most of our offices and will happily provide the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your individual case.


We can assist you in obtaining, reissuing, preparing, and amending all types of documents around the world, ensuring that they will be properly certified and accepted by the requesting body.

For Example Personal Documents, Letters of Consent, Power of Attorney, Business Contracts, Agreements pertaining to Employment and Immigration forms etc.