Apostille for Thailand

Apostille Legalisation of Irish and UK documents for use in Thailand and authentication of Thai documents for use abroad

We are Docsbase Apostille and Consular Services, and we provide the Apostille and document authentication services you need in order to use Irish or UK documents in Thailand or to use Thai documents in Europe.

How to get an Apostille on Irish and UK documents for use in Thailand?

Docsbase Consular Services with an office in Dublin Ireland and London UK is specialising in legalisation of all types of commercial, vital, government documents from Ireland and the UK for official use in Thailand. We can arrange reissuance of documents in the UK and Ireland, notarisation and apostille legalisation of Irish and UK documents as well as the Embassy legalisation in London and Dublin. We are familiar with the requirements of Thailand authorities and can prepare your documents in a way that they will be accepted by the Thailand authorities without any further legalisation. Docsbase Translation is our in-house translation department specialising in preparing a certified translation of English documents into Thai appropriately certified for use in Thailand. We also have reliable partners in Bangkok that can provide legalisation of Thai documents for use abroad, in particular in the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

What are Apostille services?

An Apostille certificate shows that the government of the country which issued a document recognises the signature or seal on the document. If both the country affixing the Apostille certificate and the country in which the document is to be used have agreed to recognise each others’ Apostilles, the document can then be used in the new country. The most common Apostille agreement is the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents of 1961, but countries may negotiate Apostille recognition directly.

Thailand is not a part of the Hague Convention. That means a Thai Apostille certificate would not generally be accepted by the UK or Ireland, and Thai officials are not required to accept Apostille certification alone from those countries.

However, we specialise in Thai document legalisation work and can have your documents recognised through the process of Consular legalisation.

Can you legalise Irish documents for use in Thailand?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade can authenticate documents which were executed in Ireland but need to be used overseas. The documents should have been created in Ireland, or show a clear Irish connection. All such documents should bear an original signature, seal or stamp from a practicing Irish public official or an Irish organisation.

Is the Consular legalisation of documents for use in Thailand particularly complex?

It can be, the Thai embassies dealing with Ireland and the UK each have different requirements, it is best to leave the Consular legalisation process to experts like Docsbase.

What goes can documents destined for use in Thailand be legalised, then?

Legalisation of documents for use in Thailand must be handled on a case-by-case basis, and different types of documents might follow very different processes. In general, though, these steps are followed: 

  • A certified translation of the documents should be prepared.
  • Applications must be made to the Consular Section of the Thai Royal Embassy.
  • Documents originating in the UK must first be certified by the Legalisation Office, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). This must include an Apostille page from the FCDO. A legalisation application must also be filed.
  • Documents originating in Ireland must first be certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. An Apostille certificate is not necessary.
  • Legalisation of a signature must be accompanied by certification by a solicitor or notary public. It can then be legalised by the DFA. The documents can then be finalised at the Royal Thai Embassy.

What types of Thai documents can be legalised for use abroad?

Documents that may require Consular Legalisation for use in other nations include:

  • Last wills, declarations, and similar documents
  • Notarised translations
  • Court decisions
  • Diplomas and other educational documents
  • Certificates of death, marriage, divorce, or another civil status
  • Extracts from the commercial register
  • Notarised copies of other documents

Why should you use Docsbase Apostille and Consular Services to legalise your documents for use overseas?

  1. Consular legalisation is a complex, delicate, and often challenging process. Our translators, notaries, and document legalisation professionals are experts at the process, and very familiar with the requirements of the Thai Royal Embassy in particular. This helps us avoid problems and miscommunications.
  2. Because our service providers are well-known at both the embassies and government offices involved in document legalisation, they have trusted access.
  3. We offer better prices and faster service than the competition. Because we do so much document legalisation work with Thailand, we can deliver much faster service than the industry average.