Apostille for India

Apostille Legalisation of Irish and UK documents for use in India and authentication of Indian documents for use abroad

Docsbase is an Apostille and Consular Services provider specialising in both the legalisation of Irish and UK documents for use in India and the legalisation of Indian documents for use locally.

How to get an Apostille on Irish and UK documents for use in India?

Docsbase Consular Services with office in Dublin Ireland and London UK is specialising in legalisation of all types of commercial, vital, government documents from Ireland and the UK for an official use in India. We can arrange reissuance of documents in the UK and Ireland, notarisation and apostille legalisation of Irish and UK documents as well as the Embassy legalisation in London and Dublin. We are familiar with the requirements of Indian authorities and can prepare your documents in a way that they will be accepted by the Indian authorities without any further legalisation. Docsbase Translation is our in-house translation department specialising in preparing a certified translation of English documents into Hindi appropriately certified for use in India. We also have reliable partners in New Delhi that can provide legalisation of Indian documents for use abroad, in particular in the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

What is an Apostille certificate?

An Apostille certificate indicates that the government issuing the certificate recognised the signature or seal on the documents to be valid. Though it does not guarantee the actual contents of the documents, this is often enough to be accepted at face value in other countries.

Countries can agree to recognise each other’s Apostille certificates, either through direct negotiations or by joining into a large sale treats like the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents of 1961.

How does the Apostille process work between India and Ireland or the UK?

Like many current and former Commonwealth nations, India is a signatory to the Hague Convention. This guarantees mutual Apostille recognition between India and Ireland, as well as the UK. Indian Apostille certificates must be accepted by officials in Ireland, the UK, and other signatory nations, just as Ireland’s Apostille certificates must be accepted in India.

Of course, even when an agreement is in place, each embassy or consulate follows a different set of processes. Docsbase knows these processes intimately.

What is the Apostille process for documents to be used in India?

 Local government Apostille:

Before they can be used in India, your documents must be apostilled by the appropriate local authority. For documents of Irish origin, this will be the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Consulate Authentication and Legalisation:

Consular legalisation of Irish or UK documents is not generally required for use in India. However, documents from some other countries must be submitted to the Embassy of India in Dublin by post.

Either the original documents or a certified copy must be accompanied by the Legalisation Application paperwork, as well as the appropriate fees. If you need any original documents returned after the process, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

What types of documents can be legalised for use in India?

Documents that may require Consular Legalisation for use in India or other nations include:

  • Educational documentation, diplomas and similar certificates
  • Irish passports
  • Salary slips or proof of income
  • Bank documents and financial records
  • Business records and/or documents
  • Licenses or official permissions
  • Marriage certificates or proof of dissolution of marriage
  • Documentation of ownership or proof of the transfer of an asset
  • Registration with various regulatory bodies
  • Tax records and similar documents
  • Visa, emigration and/or work status documents

Does Docsbase Apostille and Consular Services offer any other services?

We saw such a great necessity for skilled certified translation and visa assistance work that we started 2 in-house service providers. Keeping these services in-house allows us to access them quickly and with better accuracy than using completely independent providers.

Our in-house certified translation services company, certifiedtranslations.ie includes fully accredited translators with native-level fluency in Hindi and all other languages used in India, as well as a network of translators and localisers in that part of the world.

Our in-house visa company is called visaworld.ie. They have developed close ties with the staff of the local visa offices, and easy access to in-house translators and apostille and consular services providers helps to increase the success rate of their visa applications substantially.

What are the benefits of using Docsbase for document legalisation?

  1. We are very familiar with both the apostille and consular legalisation processes the Indian embassy requires.
  2. Our service providers are known and trusted by local government and consular authorities.
  3. We offer excellent prices and much faster service than most providers in the industry.
  4. We have offices in Dublin, London, and many places around the world, allowing us to deal with your cases quickly and directly.