Apostille for Brazil

Apostille Legalisation of Irish and UK documents for use in Brazil and authentication of Brazilian documents for use abroad

How to get an Apostille on Irish and UK documents for use in Brazil?

Docsbase Consular Services with offices in Dublin Ireland and London UK is specialising in the legalisation of all types of commercial, vital, government documents from Ireland and the UK for official use in Brazil. We can arrange reissuance of documents in the UK and Ireland, notarisation and apostille legalisation of Irish and UK documents as well as the Embassy legalisation in London and Dublin. We are familiar with the requirements of B Brazilian authorities and can prepare your documents in a way that they will be accepted by the Brazilian authorities without any further legalisation. Docsbase Translation is our in-house translation department specialising in preparing a certified translation of English documents into Portuguese appropriately certified for use in Brazil. We also have reliable partners in Brasilia that can provide legalisation of Brazilian documents for use abroad, in particular in the Republic of Ireland and the UK.


If your documents are required to be legally authenticated for business, work, and/or study purposes, the Brazilian Government demands that all foreign legal documents comply with certain formalities. For legal purposes, your commercial, personal, and educational certificates must be notarised, certified, and validated by an Apostille stamp. In some cases, your documents may have to undergo further procedures to be fully legal in Brazil. This may include sworn translations in Portuguese and is registered at the competent Brazilian registry. Due to the implementation of the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention, by the nation of Brazil in 2016, Brazilian embassies and consulates are no longer required to legalise foreign official documents that have been issued by countries that are also Member states. Docsbase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services work directly with most government agencies (cro, revenue, MoFA, dep of health, etc) in terms of reissue, certification and legalisation of Brazilian documents for use overseas. We have offices in London and Dublin and will present your original documents to our associate UK solicitor firm (recognised by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office) to certify the copy of the original if required. We can also arrange duplicates and reissue of many UK Educational, Business and Vital Records, if originals have been misplaced or lost, and also offer translation into Portuguese. Our translation company certifiedtranslations.ie can handle any certified translation work that you may need as part of the authentication process of your documents.


An Apostille is the official international government certificate issued in accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961. Once documents have been Apostille authenticated in Brazil, they do not require any further legalisation for use in other Member states. The Apostille stamp validates the legitimacy of a document. Without an Apostille, your paperwork has no legal standing in a foreign country. All Apostille documents bear a stamp/seal and a serial number. As each country has different regulatory and legal frameworks in place, as well as procedures for the registration and issuance of official papers that are valid within the territory of their country, the authentication process can be extremely complicated and costly. DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services can simplify the legal procedures for you, and also provide certified translation if required.


Most public Brazilian documents can be Apostille legalised. These include but are not limited to:

–  Official documents issued by the authorities of Brazil

–  Incorporation documents

–  Articles of Association

–  Notary issued or certified documents, and copies

–  Civil status certificates (birth, marriage and death)

–  Court documents (custody, adoption, divorce) from Brazilian Courts

–  Educational documents (certificates, decrees and diplomas)

–  Notarial acts (power of attorney, wills, donation documents)

–  Travel authorisation forms

–  Life certificate forms


Documents from non-Member States of the Hague Convention are required to be presented to their local embassies/consulates for further legalisation. The process known as Consular legalisation certifies the authenticity of a seal and the signature of a document. You will need to have the document verified and certified by a Public Notary that works for the Embassy. The embassy will also add a certification stamp to the document so that it can be used in the particular country. Corporate documents from a dependant territory must be notarised in the territory of origin, and validated by the Governor’s Office, prior to submission to the MOFA and the Embassy. DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services agents in the UK and Ireland are highly experienced in dealing with the complex procedure of legalising documents via the embassy/consulate route. Docsbase Translation Services – docsbase.com is our sister company handling any Notarised translations required as part of the legalisation process – can assist in the authentication of Brazilian documents. If your translated document must be notarised and legalised by Apostille or by the Brazilian embassy, it is important that you use a registered translation service provider. A translated document can be rejected, even if the translation is perfect, simply because the Notary, MOFA, or the Embassy personnel cannot verify the translator’s stamp and signature, or they are not registered with the government-approved body.  Once your documents have been Apostille certified, we will swiftly return them to you via post or by courier service.


DocsBase Apostille & Consular Legalisation Services offer a fast, efficient and reliable certification and legalising process for your original format the UK sourced documentation requirements, wherever you are located in the world. We work closely with government officials and foreign consulates to simplify legalisation for UK citizens, businesses, and companies in Brazil. Our extensive experience of dealing with different jurisdictions, and approved supporting certification providers (notaries, certified translators, government officials) ensures that all of our services are administered professionally and with up-to-date data safeguard regulations.

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