Romanian documents Apostille

Romanian Apostille

Do you need to have your Romanian documents apostilled for the use abroad? Are you currently living in Ireland or are you planning on moving abroad?

If the country for which you need your documents authenticated is a member state of The Hague Apostille Convention, then you need an apostille for your documents.

Romania is different to other countries in the respect that the apostille for your documents is issued by different authorities, depending on what kind of document it is.

It is divided to three different authorities. The first one is The Chambers of Civil Law Notaries, which can apostille notarial deeds. The second one is the Prefect Institution, which will apostille documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, school and University records and other certificates. The last authority is the Law Court which will apostille documents, such as Court decisions.

Therefore, you will need to identify what kind of document yours is in order to be able to receive an apostille from the competent authority. Then you have to submit it to the competent authority that will apostille it. This, however, can be stressful and confusing especially if you are living abroad, for example in Ireland.

Our services for receiving an apostille for your Romanian document for the use in Ireland

We can help you with the apostille for your Romanian documents. Simply drop off your documents in one of our offices in Dublin or Cork and we will get your documents apostilled for you. We will identify your document and send it to our agent in Romania, who will then apostille your document in a quick and efficient manner. When your Romanian documents are apostilled, we can either send them to you via registered post or you can pick them up in one of our offices in Cork or Dublin.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about the process.