Legalisation of documents at the Russian Embassy

Are you planning to go abroad? Apply for college or start working in Russia? Do you have Irish documents that need to be legalised so that they are recognised in Russia? The legalisation of documents can be a difficult procedure sometimes, especially if you are not familiar with the process. But don’t worry – we can help during the whole process of legalising your documents.

Further to helping you with the translation of your document, and due to our years of experience with the legalisation process, we can make your way much easier.

Simply drop off your documents in one of our offices and we will do the rest.


Firstly, you will need a translation of your documents. Thanks to our inhouse and freelance translators we can offer you translations of the highest quality, for a reasonable price and with quick turnaround times.

We do not only translate from English into Russian, but also vice versa. So, if you have documents that need to be translated for use in Ireland, we can provide you with fully certified translations of your documents.

Often names and locations are mistranslated from Russian into English – with us you will not need to worry about any of this. Our translation team in Dublin and Cork has a high expertise in their area of translation. Simply let us know which spelling is correct, and we will ensure due to our years of experiences that your documents will be translated with paramount quality.


Legalisation of documents means that a special stamp is affixed on the document in the country of issue, so that it may be recognised abroad. Depending on the use of the document, there are different ways to legalise your document for use abroad. We can help you obtain an apostille, legalisation, authentication, power of attorney, but we can also issue a true copy of your Irish documents – if needed. Simply tell us what you need the documents for and we can tell you which service you need, so that the documents are authenticated and recognised by Russian authorities.

We can also issue a true copy of your Russian document which will be signed by a notary. Alternatively, we may translate your documents into Russian and have that notarised; afterwards it may be signed by the authorities of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with an apostille stamp.

Our help with save you time and money!

If you have any questions or would like to get started do not hesitate to call us or send us an email to the below provided contact information.