Chinese Embassy legalisation in London

If you are planning to move to China, temporarily or permanently to work there, it is vital that your documents are authenticated by a competent authority.

The process of legalisation of documents in London for work purposes, however, can be very confusing and time-consuming, but due to our years of experience in legalising documents for use abroad, we can help you during the whole process.

If you have documents from the UK you can send them directly to our London office, but we can also help you if you are living in Ireland, but you have documents from the UK that need to be authenticated for use in China, we can help you. Just drop off your documents in one of our offices in Cork or in Dublin and we will do the rest.

  • Notarisation is the first step.
  • Apostille as a legalisation of document
  • Submit the documents to the embassy

Why you should choose us

Our highly skilled and experienced staff will help you on your way through the different steps involved in the process, while ensuring that you receive the highest quality for a reasonable price. This will save you time and money, as we have great knowledge about the steps involved in the process. Whether it is the fully certified translation from English into Chinese and vice versa, or the procuring of an apostille, quality and efficiency is of utmost importance to us.

In our London office your documents will be notarised. Afterwards, they will receive an apostille for their use abroad from the FCO (the Foreign & Commonwealth Office) in London. In order for the documents to be accepted as legal documents by the Chinese embassy, your documents need to be issued with an apostille authentication. This is a rather quick process which we would be glad to manage. We will ensure that you get the apostille on your documents in a quick and efficient manner.

After this, your documents are ready to be submitted to the Embassy. We will save you a time-consuming trip to the Embassy, as we are in daily contact with the Embassy.

We will go to the embassy for you and take care of all the steps preceding the legalisation and this will take about one week.