Apostille for Spanish documents in Ireland

Apostille for Spanish documents in Ireland

Are you from Spain or do you have Spanish documents that need to be authenticated? Unfortunately, these documents cannot be authenticated here in Ireland but have to be authenticated in the country they are originally from, in this case Spain. This can be a time consuming, expensive and aggravating process if you do it on your own.

We can help you with the apostille of your Spanish documents.

Submit your Spanish documents for Apostille authentication in one of our offices in Dublin or Cork

As Spain is a member of The Hague Apostille Convention, it usually is enough to apostille the documents you want or need to use abroad. Simply drop off your documents in our office in Dublin or in our office in Cork or send them to us via registered post and we will do the rest for you. We work closely with a notary in Spain who will have your documents apostilled in no time.

Notarisation of Spanish documents for Apostille authentication in Ireland

Sometimes Spanish documents need to be notarised before they can be submitted for apostille. Notarisation means that the document bears a Notary Public’s seal. Once a document received this seal, it will be recognized by all major institutions of the country.

If this should be the case for your document, we can do it as well. Since we have a Spanish notary working with us in Spain he can do the notarisation as well as the apostille of the document in question.

We can answer all your question that you may have in relation to apostille of Spanish documents.

Further services in our office in Ireland

Additionally, to the notarisation and apostille of your documents, we can also translate the documents for you, if needed. We have highly trained and experienced translators working for us who will guarantee fast turnaround times and translations of the highest standard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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