TEFL Certification Legalisation in Ireland for The Use in Taiwan

27 April 2023

TEFL Certification Legalisation in Ireland for the use in Taiwan

If you want to become a teacher in Taiwan it is vital that you have a TEFL certification. No matter, if you have a doctoral or a master’s degree maybe even in the language you intend to teach, you will need a TEFL certification in order to become a teacher in Taiwan. You can complete the exam and receive your certificate in Ireland. Then this needs to be legalised in the Chinese Embassy.

Legalisation of TEFL certifications for the use in Taiwan in Cork and Dublin

However, the problem is that although you may have completed the course and examination in Ireland and have received your certification in Ireland, it originates in the UK, which means that Irish authorities do not recognize these documents, which means that you cannot get them legalised in Ireland. This can be very confusing, but you need to legalise these documents in the UK, where they are originally from. However, this process can be very confusing, especially since you received your documents in Ireland.

We can help you with our offices in Cork and in Dublin!

Certifiedtranslations.ie can help you with this! We have an office in London, which means you simply need to drop off your document in our Dublin or in our Cork office, or send them to us via registered post with a brief description on what you need, we will do the rest.

The legalisation process of TEFL certifications in the U.K. for the use abroad

We will send your documents to our London office where they will be notarised and will also receive an apostille for their use abroad from the FCO which stands for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London. After this, your documents need to be legalised by the Taipei Representative Office (TRO) in the UK. Once all of the steps above are completed the documents can either be send directly to you via registered post or you can collect them in Cork or Dublin.

Translation of TEFL certifications in Cork and Dublin for the use in Taiwan

Once all of this is done you might also want your certificate translated into Chinese. We can help you with that as well. We have experienced and well-trained freelancers as part of our team who will produce a translation of the highest standards with quick turnaround times. Additionally, our translations are fully certified. Simply drop off your documents in our Dublin or in our Cork office and we will give you a precise quote.

We can support you throughout the whole process which means no stress or confusion on your part. You will receive your fully legalised documents in a time efficient manner as we are very familiar with the process of legalising documents for the purpose of teaching in Taiwan, especially in regard to TEFL certifications and the challenges that might go along with it.