Legalisation of UK Documents in Dublin

27 April 2023

Here at we are able to provide same day service on the Apostille certification of a wide range of documents. This service is only available through registered apostille certification agents, and we are one of the few in the country. We can provide you with a swift and efficient turnover of documentation. In particular, the legalisation of UK Documents can be done in a short period of time. This includes the certification of personal documents such as birth and death certificates, Marriage and Divorce Certificates, financial documents, corporate documents and many more.

Embassy Legalisation

As we have been working in the legalisation and certification service for a number of years, we have valuable professional relationships with the embassies in all of our office locations around the world. We can provide the legalisation of documents with the help of embassies for use in countries such as Angola, Thailand, UAE, Qatar, all Arab countries and Russia among others. We do this on a regular basis.

Express Service London

Along with our normal delivery services of legalised and certified documentation, as we have an office in Central London, we can provide a fast and efficient service in the UK. This express pick up service in London can provide our clients in Ireland and the UK with next day or even same day delivery if ordered before the close of the business day. We can also provide good discounts for Irish clients as we have a daily courier service that operates between Ireland and the UK. This means that usually we can guarantee the same day or next day delivery of apostille certified documentation. Contact us now for more information regarding our express service in London, and see if you are able to qualify for this service with the documentation you need certified by us.

Notarial Services

Our company have been working for years in the certification of documents. Along with our Apostille legalisation, we provide notarial services for a range of document types and can offer discounts for clients in London who wish to use our service. Contact us now for more information on how you can save time and money by choosing to work with us!