Business Continuity Plan – Apostille and Embassy Legalisation Services

4 January 2022

Our Translation and Legalisation Business Continuity Plan, developed in-house to suit our specific needs and requirements, outlines our commitment to respond to disruptions and disasters, recover data and system applications, resume normal operations, and restore the full operational functions so the business remains unaffected in the event of a disruption of any magnitude. With the world at times becoming increasingly volatile and circumstances beyond our control turning into regular events, the need for security and stability in corporate offices has never been stronger than it is now. During the Covid outbreak we have put a solid business continuity plan in place supported by our Project managers and our expert linguists.

Our Business Continuity Plan is focused on the Project Management and Quality Assurance of all of Docsbase business functions including translation, proof-reading and editing, and covers IT systems, communications, and operation, with the bellow inhouse teams being responsible for specific tasks in the event of a disruption.

IT Systems tailored to Legalisation services

Out IT Systems team has made provisions for recovery strategies for networks, servers, desktop and laptop computers and wireless devices. These have been developed so information technology can be restored as soon as possible to meet the needs of the business. The plan includes manual workarounds so that operations can continue until computer systems can be restored.


Our Communications team have created an emergency plan to connect employees, project managers, freelance translators and interpreters, and most importantly clients, ensuring that all ongoing work projects and jobs remain unaffected in the event of disruption. This communication system safeguards both Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction, by seamlessly transferring the full business operations to the temporary management of our international offices. Our detailed strategies allow our operations to be maintained for both short-term and long-term outages, enabling the company to carry on its operations even when faced with disruption of any kind.

Operations of our Consular and Translation offices 

Our operations team is able to guarantee clients that our translations and project management teams will continue to work seamlessly 24/7 via our cloud based CRM. Our plan calls for all our collaborators worldwide to continue working from home to provide our customers with uninterrupted support during times of disruption, whilst being remotely managed from our international offices.

Vulnerability to cyber-attacks, digital transformation and hyper-convergence may unintendedly create gateways to risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks, and by being aware of these risks we can minimise and counter them. In the event of digital disruptions our Business Continuity Plan provides detailed strategies for re-establishing office productivity and enterprise software so that key business needs can be met.

We are committed to thriving in spite of any threat we are exposed to, and the Business Continuity Plan outlined above has been created to ensure that the Docsbase Legalisation Services will remain up and running, data will be protected, customers will be ensured satisfaction, and our brand and name will live up to the high standards that we have established.