Apostille Express – Same Day Apostille Service UK & Ireland

14 March 2022

Do you need your documents apostilled quickly? Whether for business or private reasons, DocsBase can arrange a fast and reliable express service for you using our in-house courier service. We can have your documents apostilled the same day ready for use in a foreign country.

Our Apostille Express service is available in Ireland and the UK and is part of our full range of Apostille and Legalisation services which are available to both private and business people.

Same Day Document Apostille Legalisation Service UK

The same-day Apostille service offers you the assurance that your documents will be ready for use abroad in record time. We are able to do this through the ‘Premium Service’ option which is available via the Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

Documents that need apostilling or legalising are issued the same day using the FCO’s Premium Service. It provides the perfect solution when you need to have documents authenticated and apostilled in an emergency. It provides you with the peace of mind that everything will be processed correctly by our experts and completed on the same day.

When we receive your documents in the morning, it may give us enough time to complete the following:

  • Arrange consular legalisation
  • Courier the documents abroad on the same day

Our in-house courier service helps ensure your documents are kept secure at all times when in our possession.

Same Day Document Apostille Legalisation Service Ireland

If you need a fast Apostille service in Ireland, DocsBase offers an Express same day service you can depend on. Our team has the necessary experience to deliver and collect documents that require an apostille stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on your behalf.

The earlier you can get your documents to our Dublin office, the sooner they will be apostilled ready for use in a foreign country and back in your hands. Your documents are kept secure whilst in our possession when we collect or deliver apostilled documents from MOFA on your behalf.

When to Submit Your Documents for Our Same Day UK Apostille Service

When your documents need to be apostilled in a rush, our Express Apostille service provides you with the ideal and safe solution. However, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London only accepts submissions/applications for a same day apostille between the hours of 9 am and 4:30 pm.

As such, you must ensure we have your documents in time. The latest this can be is 12 noon on the day in question. Any later and we will not be able to get the documents apostilled for you on the same day.

When to Submit Your Documents for Our Same Day Ireland Apostille Service

Our team can arrange a same day Ireland apostille service for your documents in Ireland at our Dublin office. However, the earlier we have the documents the better. A member of our team will deal with the delivery and collection of the documents from MOFA on your behalf, a service we provide at an extremely competitive price.

Documents That Can Apostilled

We can arrange for all types of documents to be apostilled the same day using our Express Apostille service. This includes the following documents:

  • Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates
  • HMRC letters
  • ACPO, ACRO, Police Letters
  • No Impediment Certificate
  • Court Documents
  • Solicitor Signed Papers

Moreover, we can also arrange for company documents to be apostilled using our same day service. This includes the following documents:

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Appointment Reports
  • Mem & Arts
  • Company Letters
  • Companies House Certs
  • Minutes & Resolutions

Same Day Apostille of Academic and Personal Documents

Our team can also arrange same day Apostilles for the following academic and personal documents:

  • Degree, Masters, Diploma
  • GCSE, CSE, O Level
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Training Certificates
  • Transcripts & Reports
  • School Letters, DBS check

Our Own In-house Courier Service

 Our Express Apostille service is trustworthy and reliable thanks to our in-house courier service. You can be sure that your documents will be apostilled and back in your hands on the same day, providing we receive them as early in the morning as possible and before noon on that day. Our team will do the rest so that your documents are ready for use abroad when you need them to be.

Our First Class Same Day Apostille Service

We take great pride in providing a high quality service to our customers whether they need their documents apostilled for business purposes or for private reasons. You can depend on our skilled team of experts to have your documents back to you in record time at an affordable price.