Apostille from the Aland Islands

We offer the legalisation of documents from the Aland Islands by Apostille.


The Aland Islands are an autonomous part of Finland. Finland has been a member of the Hague convention since 1965. The effect of the Convention extends to the Aland Islands as well. Therefore no diplomatic authentication or consular legalization of documents from the Aland Islands is required for the legal communication with other member states of the Convention. The documents only need to be attested by an apostille certificate with an “apostille” stamp on it by the issuing state’s authorities in order to be valid in the state of destination.

Responsible for issuing the apostille is the Public Notary.

The apostille is a stamp of rectangle. It should be filled in in the official language of the issuing authority. The heading “Apostille (Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961)” written in French is a mandatory requirement for an Apostille’s validity.

The following documents can be authenticated by apostille:

-Civil status certificates (certificates of birth, death, marriage and divorce)
-Education documents (school reports, certificates, diplomas)
-Extracts from the commercial register
-Court documents
-Notarized copies of documents
-Notarized translations
-Further notarial documents (authorizations, last will, declarations)
-Commercial documents legalized by a state registration body (articles of incorporation, registration certificates, tax registrations etc.)

Requirements for the documents

The apostille can be exclusively issued for the original document. Therefore, the latter must be presented in good condition, with all stamps and signatures clear and readable. Furthermore, it must not contain alien markings or labels.


In addition to the legalization of your documents, we can provide you with high-quality translations.

On average, it takes 14 days to process the documents.

Courier services are charged and invoiced separately according to the courier service’s rates.

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