Obtaining Criminal Records in the Republic of Ireland

13 April 2022

Apostille Documents Legalisation Services offer all customers in the Republic of Ireland assistance in obtaining copies of criminal records. This service is heavily relied on not only by people currently living in Ireland but by those who have moved abroad and subsequently been asked to provide criminal records for a visa, employment, and investment purposes.

Unfortunately, the application for criminal records in Ireland is not centralised, as it is in some countries. Each application for criminal records is handled by the An Garda Síochána, the Irish Police force. If you have left Ireland and been asked to provide a certificate of criminal records from your stay in Ireland, you will have to apply for a separate one for each region in Ireland that you have lived in, such as Cork, Limerick, and Dublin. Applying for the criminal record is done by visiting the local police station in the town or village in which you lived, however as anyone who has lived in Ireland will know, this can be easier said than done. Due to irregular opening hours, manpower, and staffing issues, access to local police stations in Ireland, especially rural Ireland, can be challenging to say the least. Something as random as the superintendent being on holiday or off sick for a few weeks can delay your application, which is often highly inconvenient when applying for documentation from abroad that may be needed for employment, studying, or investment purposes.

Thankfully Apostille Documents Legalisation Services are able to apply for criminal record certificates on behalf of their customers, by obtaining power of attorney from you and filling in an application form, and providing other information at the Garda station.  The criminal records certificates also frequently require following up to ensure they are issued as promptly as possible. Apostille Documents Legalisation Services have been providing this service to customers all over Ireland for many years, and as a result, we are familiar with the process and with many of the individual Garda stations. Several things need to be considered when applying for a criminal records certificate, and if they are not provided correctly the certificate may not be issued. Providing incorrect or incomplete information will remain on your record forever, potentially causing further complications at a later date. Securing the services of Apostille Documents Legalisation Services will protect you from making these mistakes, and will ensure that your criminal records certificate is issued promptly and correctly.

In some cases, new criminal records are needed frequently, anything from annually to quarterly, depending on the authority and the country which is requesting the certificate. This is because, in theory, you could be issued a criminal record certificate today, and then commit a crime tomorrow. For this reason, many entities require new criminal records certificates on an ongoing basis. In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that a criminal record certificate requested for the UAE, for example, will not be valid for China, instead, a new one has to be applied for. The Apostille Documents Legalisation Services team is at hand to guide you through all rules and procedures relating to the application of criminal records certificates, as well as handling the entire process from start to finish.