Obtaining Copies of Original Documents and Vital Records in the Republic of Ireland

13 April 2022

Apostille Documents Legalisation Services provides a full range of services to assist its customers in the Republic of Ireland in obtaining new or replacement copies of documents. This service is not only useful for both Irish and foreign people living who are currently in Ireland, but also particularly useful for Irish and foreign people who have previously lived, worked, or studied in Ireland and who have since moved abroad. Applying for replacement documents has always been a time-consuming and at times unclear process, but with the onset of the Covid pandemic and closures of Government offices, and the added fact that people may not physically be living in Ireland, additional challenges have been added.  Apostille Documents Legalisation Services are at hand to offer a one-stop service in this regard and take the stress away from you. We will source your replacement documents and promptly send them to you before you know it!

Replacement of vital records

Vital records refer to civil status documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, adoption decrees, etc.  When living or working abroad in places such as the Middle East, the UAE, China, and many other places, vital records frequently have to be attested in order to process work permits and visas. Many people discover that the originals of these vital documents have been lost or misplaced, and then need to obtain new ones, complicated further because they no longer live in Ireland. Another situation that arises frequently is that older vital records are no longer accepted abroad as newer certificates are now used, so a replacement is required in the newer format.

Apostille Documents Legalisation Services has an in-house team of experts who will personally visit the required authority on the same day, and apply for the replacement documents on your behalf. Although applying for the documents online in some cases is possible, the time frame can extend up to 4 weeks then, which is generally not an option when dealing with visa and work permit requirements in foreign countries. Additionally, many countries require new apostilled documents each year, and as each document can only carry one apostille, the process of applying for a duplicate needs to be repeated each year.

Replacement of other documents

Apostille Documents Legalisation Services can also assist their customers in Ireland and the United Kingdom in requesting duplicates of other documents such as duplicates of educational certificates, employment contracts, medical records, legal documents, or property records. The process of requesting these documents directly by customers when they are abroad can be drawn-out and tricky, whereas Apostille Documents Legalisation Services will visit the authority or organisation in person and obtain the required documents on your behalf. At Apostille Documents Legalisation Services we pride ourselves on being able to source duplicates of virtually any official documents, and our team has the experience, expertise, and know-how of how to source the documents as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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