Apostille & Consular legalisation in Ireland

At DocBase, we strongly believe in providing a fast and stress-free way to legalise Irish documents for use in a foreign country. Our customers send us their documents and we make sure they get legalised/apostilled in a timely manner at a competitive price. Our teams can handle single or multiple documents. Moreover, they can provide essential advice on how to combine documents into sets which saves our customers money.

As registered agents, we are able to access certain documents on behalf of clients. Our goal is to make the process of legalising Irish documents for use in a foreign country as simple and fast as possible whether it’s for private or business purposes.

Our MOFA Apostille and Legalisation Services

Our company provides essential MOFA apostille and legalisation services in Dublin and Ireland. We have offices in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick as well as Belfast. Furthermore, we have our own in-house couriers which can speed up the MOFA apostille process while maintaining an essential level of security of documents we handle for our clients.

Our In-house Translation Department

Our in-house translation department is recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) which again speeds up an apostille process whilst ensuring that original documents are kept secure whilst in our possession. Moreover, we are GDPR compliant at all times.

When documents require translation, our in-house certified translators are able to carry out the work. This ensures documents are professionally translated to a standard that Embassies, Consulates, and other relevant authorities accept.

We have the expertise to handle all aspects of a MOFA apostille, legalisation, translation, and notarisation process. Furthermore, we can take care of the Consular/Embassy legalisation of private and business documents for use in another country whether the country of destination has a presence in Ireland or not. We achieve this by using our in-house courier service.

Our MOFA Apostille and Legalisation Services

As registered agents, we are able to carry out the initial layer of document certification on more complex documents such as letters of consent and power of attorney documents.

Our services include:

  • MOFA apostille of Irish documents
  • In-house translations
  • Document notarisation
  • Consular legalisation

We can legalise private and business documents which include:

  • Legal documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce papers
  • Diplomas and other educational certificates
  • Tax registrations and other commercial documents
  • Trade register quotations

Our offices in Ireland are fully equipped and staffed to handle all types of documents that need certifying for use abroad. This includes:

  • Embassy & Apostille legalisation services
  • Consular/Embassy legalisation service
  • Notarisation of documents
  • Translation services of legal documents
  • Company formation documentation
  • Express legalisation/apostille service

Our Notarisation Services

 Our notarisation service provides an essential solution to authenticate and certify signatures and documents for use in another country. When customers give lawyers the power to act for them via a power of attorney letter, the document must be signed in the presence of a notary. The notary will verify a client’s signature by attaching a seal and their own signature to the document. Thus the document and customer signature are deemed notarised and therecane.

We assist customers in notarising copies of original documents which include:

  • Passports
  • Bank accounts
  • Statuary declarations
  • Transfer of land
  • Marriage/divorce certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Tax documents
  • Legal documents

 Important Note: Legalising Irish Documents For People Living in Northern Ireland

Irish people living in Northern Ireland whose documents were issued in Southern Ireland must have them legalised in Southern Ireland prior to being apostilled for use abroad. Our team of experts is able to carry out this service in a timely manner to speed up the process making it as stress-free as possible.

We Are Here to Answer Questions and Provide Advice

We are always available to answer any questions our clients may have. Our team of experts can provide essential advice on MOFA apostille requirements relating to a country of destination.

At DocBase, we specialise in the request, preparation, attestation, and delivery of Irish documents for use in a foreign country whether a country of destination is part of The Hague Convention or not.

Call today and find out how DocBase can help you secure a MOFA Apostille and the legalisation of documents for use abroad.