DFA Apostille legalisation

Authentication of documents by the DFA

You will need authentication when you submit your documents abroad, in the country other than Ireland where they were originally issued. You will have to verify the document origin by means of a special confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp appearing on a document are genuine.

In Ireland, it is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that executes such authentication.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can authenticate the documents issued in Ireland that you intend to submit in other countries. Such documents must either originate from Ireland or have an Irish connection. If a relevant Irish link of the documents is hard to prove, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can refuse such authentication.

All documents submitted for authentication should contain an original signature, seal or stamp from an Irish practising public official or organisations.

If you submit a sworn document, the person swearing the document before an Irish Notary Public or Solicitor must be Irish resident. It has to contain the name of the solicitor: the documents signed by the company name only are not accepted for authentication.

It is possible to authenticate the copies of foreign identification documents. In this case, they have to be certified by the Embassy of the country of issue accredited to Ireland.

The cost for this service varies depending on the type and purpose of authentication and is provided on request.

In Ireland, you can verify the authenticity of the authentication issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade using online electronic register.

If you live abroad and need to authenticate an Irish document, the process is the same as for Irish residents: you will need to submit your application to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade directly or by post. You cannot do it via the Embassy or the Consulates.

How we can help in attesting documents in Irish DFA

Attestation, legalisation or authentication of the documents could be a tricky, time-consuming and complicated process. 

Our Dublin based company will help you to obtain the legalised and apostilled document adhering to all the requirements. Let us help you determine what type of certification you need. Our legalisation team will do it for you in a professional and timely manner. If you need authentication of the document by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we will help to prepare your documents and ensure the authorities will accept them. Book a consultation with us. We are here to help.

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